These Treasures... the Start of Salty Sweet Friends

For over thirty years, my childhood friend Jina Lawhon has been making delicious sea salt caramels and giving them away to friends and family during the holidays.  Some of our friends have admitted hiding these treasures for themselves when Jina delivers her variety of holiday treats intended for the entire family! Three years ago at one of our monthly coffee dates catching up on our families, we decided to pool our talents, combine our love of savory and sweet, and get into the caramel business.  We’ve been through a lot together since 1973, bonded by the salty and sweet experiences of our lives...determining a business name was obvious, Salty Sweet Friends!

Growing our business is both exciting and challenging – we’ve learned so much in the past couple of years and now in 2016 are reflecting on what works best for our customers.  Being baby boomers, we’re definitely social-media-challenged and website-design-overwhelmed!  Lucky for us, we’ve spent the summer working with the wonderfully talented women at floc5 to redesign our brand, packaging, and communications making it easier for people to savor the buttery richness and subtle burst of sea salt in every bite of our creamy caramels.

Hope you will check in from time to time on our progress.  With the holidays approaching, we’re determined to finalize our customized packaging very soon and launch the new look of Salty Sweet Friends!


Enjoy the Salty Sweet of Life...

Carrie Hampton

Carrie Hampton